Harte 2 Heart Reality Show Clip


We just finished up a 2-night Valentine's Program that used to be a huge annual event at Yosemite Church. The last time it was put on was in 2005.

We decided to bring it back as an opportunity for fellowship and as an outreach to the community. We enjoyed spending time with over 300 folks Monday and Tuesday night. The creative team, production crew and the cast of the show all had a blast being a part of it and we are all excited about planning for next year. The video is a clip of a reality show spoof that we made highlighting Cupid and his pride-filled twin brother Dipuc Harte and one of their encounters with a couple with the potential for love.

Produced, Directed, Written, Filmed, Edited by Matt Shumaker with creative input from the YC Creative Team (CRUNCH).