Isolation = Fun to be Around

20130215-173812.jpg It really is amazing how often we isolate ourselves. Yes, we may be around our immediate family, but it is far too infrequent an event that we spend time with friends.

We took Cavin to a friend's birthday party and hung out with his parents. Although it wouldn't be what I would call deep quality time, where we sit delving into the far reaches of our inner psyches, but rather it was a time of short encounters and just being together.

That type of thing does not happen enough- and that is no way to live life as a pastor and leader or a human being. I want to be an encouragement to others to spend time in fellowship. Yet, just as so many other things that leaders must do (to provide examples through doing), we must make the space available to do so. Slow down, cancel a meeting, say no...

That's the trick isn't it?