Perspective- The Opportunity Builder/Killer

It is quite the challenge to maintain a healthy perspective. It will come as no surprise to anyone that working with others can be an exercise in confusion and frustration. It can be my perception that I work well with others at all times. Yet, perception is not reality and too often in reality I am not as nice as I think I am.

Opportunities can be made or broken through perspective. Perspective is a driver of attitude, which can be a driver for change. Work can be an opportunity for positive or negative perspective. I can view my position as a worship arts pastor as a drudgery- people constantly calling and emailing, clawing for my attention... or I can view my position as an opportunity to be free to use the gifts God has given me for His glory through music, art, video and all other creative pursuits and at the same time encouraging others to use their gifts for Him as well.

That being said, space must be left for our humanity. Those of us who are human err on occasion. Fatigue, diet, lack of exercise, time not spent with God, stress, and poor perspective can all contribute to an attitude that leaves much to be desired. I suffer from this attitude issue daily, as do all of us. Yet, it is through the daily exercise of spending time with God first and caring for myself second, that I am able to remain grounded with a healthy perspective, which opens my eyes to the opportunities God sets before me... most of the time. ;-)