I am reading a great book by Peter Scazzero. Emotionally Healthy Spirituality is not an easy state of being to attain. I was struck by the following statement by Scazzero-

"The call of emotionally healthy spirituality is a call to a radical, countercultural life. It is a call to intentionality, rhythm, and expectation of a life transformed by the risen Christ with the power to see through the illusions and pretense of our world."

This wrecked me. Its not unlike a tree growing in the forest. Everything is against the tree. Gravity, storms, fires, animals, other biological competition, etc. Yet is perserveres and does what it was made to do.

What does it mean to live a daily life transformed by Christ that is so ingrained and intentional and has such an easy groove of silence and solitude and rest in Him that our cultural goggles begin to fog up and we have no other recourse but to remove the lenses of misinformation and lies to see His glory revealed in this world?

I am getting tastes of what this is. I have been getting bigger and bigger tastes of it as I have learned to refflect upon God's work in my life. As I spend more time with him and as I allow myself to be a living sacrifice as an act of worship- I am actively becoming a non-conformist in the purest of senses. More and more, I want to shun the patterns of this world and be transformed by the rest in Him who restores my mind and grow strong and mighty for God's glory.

I want to be like this tree. Strong and true, able to weather the storms and fires of this life because my roots are in God and God alone.