I'm the invisible man

As a kid, I thought that the invisible man had to be one of the coolest superheroes ever. I still think it's pretty cool. I have a disappearing act of my own. I have a tendency, when I go home after work, to become the disappearing man. I'm not always fully present. I may be in the room, even sitting on the couch next to my kiddos and be miles away.

It doesn't help that there are a myriad of distractions at my fingertips (my phone, Feedly, Vimeo, etc.). It's too easy to live invisibly and completely not in the moment.

This is a big issue when it comes to spending time with my children and my wife. It's one of the biggest areas of challenge that I face. What's ironic is that when I leave home and head to work, I instantly want to be back at home with my wife and children. Even though I wasn't fully there.

Let's put down the distractions and pick up presence.