The land where even little things try to be bigger than they should

So, we are visiting family in Southern California and are staying in the Palm Springs/Palm Desert/La Quinta area. This is a multiple time per year excursion and one of the most difficult things about it is my attitude. Just like most of us, I like stuff. We as Americans have a lot of that. Some places have more than others. This area is can be pretty overwhelming. Lots of excess. As I'm writing this on a Starbucks patio, a bright red Bentley convertible pulls up to the light sitting on El Paseo Drive- perfectly framed by a Williams-Sonoma and Juicy Couture store.

its hard not to get swept up into it. Every once in a while I find comedy in it though...


A Gucci Fiat? Really? Nothing like taking a $25K car and dressing it up with an Italian Clothier's brandplate. Hilarious.