My spaceship is wrecked.

20140503-191930.jpg Take me to your leader...

Why have we heard that statement so much so that it has become a cultural cliche?

Several nights ago, I overheard a couple of my worship team members talking before service began.

One of them asked, "who is leading this thing?"

They continued to discuss the point and soon, two differing viewpoints emerged- one saying that "we don't need anyone to lead". While the other said, "we do need someone to lead."

I listened for a few more moments before I jumped into the middle of the conversation.

I said, "you absolutely need someone to lead..."

They stopped and looked at me, waiting for me to finish my statement.

I smiled and said, "You need someone to lead so that you have someone to blame when it all goes wrong."

God brings people into positions of leadership to grow in them the ability to take on the burdens of the team, the project, the conflict or the amazingly diverse personalities that they have the opportunity to work with.

Love those who are genuinely trying to lead you.

Chances are- they aren't perfect. In fact, they are a wreck more often than they have it all together. They aren't fully developed yet, and they are trying to be a better leader, despite the odds.