How my degree prepared me for real life.

20140503-185148.jpg We helped friends move and setup a much needed play-set for their kids today.

I had no idea setting it up would require an advanced engineering degree from MIT (which I do not have).

After opening the 6th massive box full of various cedar pieces with barely legible part numbers stamped on them- I realized several things:

1. I was very appreciative of my massive background in Lego building. 2. I did not put on enough sunscreen. 3. The wood-burning pile looked like it needed some new cedar pieces. 4. The kids seemed to be much more excited about the fort they made with the boxes the set came in. 5. The array of parts, if not used for the play-set, could be used to add about 1000 square feet of living space to my house- or possibly a Jed Clampett-style camper on the back of my truck. Either way, it's a red-neck win-win. 6. Projects like this are way more fun with friends.

I'll take a picture of the finished product- when that day comes...

a couple of years from now.