My wife left me.

20140518-074219.jpg Let me just say, I love this woman. There is an old saying, "you don't know what you've got until its gone." How true that is.

Liz went on a retreat for the weekend, leaving me home with the kiddos for two and a half days with a pretty rigorous work schedule in between naps, meals and bedtime stories (all of which were handled with pinpoint precision). Despite my imagined perfection, I did an ok job.

Yet, I am amazed that my wife can do this day and day out. Keep a clean house, keep the washer and dryer running non-stop- full of pee-sheets (ew). She is superhuman.

We don't appreciate those around us who do so much. At the very least, we don't express our appreciation enough. Thank you love- miss you. Can't wait until you're home this afternoon.