Psycho clown

The whole family was at my parent's house last night. I mean the whole family... My grandma, my sisters and their husbands, all the grandkid/cousins, etc. It was a controlled chaos with 9 children 8 & under. We were celebrating my niece's 1st birthday and my mom pulled out some candles. My mom has a bag of collected birthday cake candles and toppers that have been used over the years for countless birthday celebrations. She likes to sift through and nostalgically reminisce as she looks at each piece, but there is one in particular she enjoys. 

It's my 1st birthday topper. And I hate it. Always have, always will. It is the stuff of pre-pubescent horror. And so my sweet little mom finds me in the bathroom helping my youngest daughter go potty and she says, "I've got something for you," with her hands behind her back. Then with a psycho-esque downward stabbing flail of her arm, she says, "thissssss!" And shoves that freakin creepy birthday topper clown in my face. I hate it.