But it's special!

It's admirable to hold something in high regard, no matter how ridiculous it may seem. That's how we might possibly view God's perspective of us. My kids fight over a spoon and a fork. They collectively hold one spoon and one fork in our everyday family hodge-podge of flatware in such high esteem that they can't fathom another of them using it, spending time with it or even being near it. 

I'd like to think that's how the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit are about us. They love using us, spending time with us and being near. They don't fight over us, but I'm pretty sure they compare notes.

The funny thing is. The spoon and the fork that my kids pine over are worthless dollar-store, cheap-os, just a step above throw away plastic ware. Our set of IKEA silverware is not at all expensive, but compared to the "special" spoon and fork they may as well be made of gold.

Because if sin, we are like that worthless  spoon and fork. There is nothing good in us, but through Jesus we have been made pure, pristine and golden. We still have the tarnished spots, we still have the appearance of worthlessness, but we are held in high esteem. The Lord regards those who have believed in the saving power of His son as blameless, beautiful and perfect. 

Kind of like how my kids view their favorite flatware.