Your mission, if you choose to accept it…

The following is a text thread between my wife and I regarding the processing of a county tax payment. Me to my wife: I called the (county tax) office and they told me how to process payment on the county website.

My wife: Nice! Addresss change?

Me: Ha! They can take payments online, but an address change requires a form be sent out...

My wife: Funny, huh? Maybe call and see if you can just change it over the phone.

Me:I did call to change it over the phone. They said they can't do that, but they can answer the phone and take a memo for someone else to print, stuff and mail a form to me so that I can write down the new address and put a $.40 stamp on it and mail it back so that someone can open it and enter it into the computer screen that the guy who told me it couldn't be done was looking at when he told me it couldn't be done over the phone.

Government efficiency at its finest.