There is a child in there...

There is a child in there somewhere. I'm not kidding, there seriously is.  Today was the first time I bought 6 gallons of milk. That's 1 gallon per person in the family! But, Liz and I don't drink milk, so that's 1.5 gallons for each kid and we will go through a 1/2 gallon a day. Oy.

Bria and I went to Costco this morning. We got there 6 minutes after it opened because I don't like shopping in crowds. I knew it would fill up fast, being that it was Saturday.

So, we got our cart and began the madness. 10 minutes later we couldn't move through the aisles. It's a test of self-control and patience like no other. When every good-natured and loving response within you is overwhelmed with an internal animal roaring at the dude loitering in front of the batteries to MOVE!

As we filled our cart and it began to reach it's maximum capacity, that's when the staring began. The stares come in all shapes and sizes. Some marvel at the wonder of the grocery Tetris game I play, others look on with disdainful judgment at the gross capitalist material excess displayed in a grocery cart and still others look upon the collection of items and lock eyes with me with a knowing, yet somewhat apologetic nod and side smile. 

Yet, I press on. My head held high, a smile of confidence and an assurance that our quest, the end of the grocery list, was nigh. 

With my four-year-old clinging to the 12-inch square she had left in the child seat, wedged between organic fresh eggs and a double pack of sliced salami, we bobbed and weaved our way to an open checkout line and joked with the checker and bagger, "hope you can get it all back in the cart cause there's just one of me and she can't push one of these things yet..."