God has given each of us a purpose. Bob Pierce, the founder of World Vision said, "let my heart be broken by the things that break the heart of God."

Purpose + a broken heart = passion

Matt's heart breaks for the struggling leader. His passion is to see leaders find their own purpose and begin to effectively lead one person at a time toward greater levels of passion. Matt has an MBA leadership development and organizational management. Currently, Matt leads a team of over 100 creatives who bring focus to the glory of God through videography, music, technology, design, art, aesthetic environments and public speaking and is available for leadership development consultations.



Leadership development can improve the performance and efficiency of your organization in multiple ways:

Addressing leadership readiness and skills gaps

According to the PEW Research Center, Millennials account for over 50 percent of the workforce. Baby Boomers and members of Generation X account for less than half combined. With the onset of so many inexperienced workers and managers, there is a leadership readiness gap. Through custom-designed leadership development programs for emerging leaders, your organization can improve its leadership readiness and ensure a smooth transition in the coming years.

Corporate/Organizational goal setting

Everyone started somewhere. The emerging leaders of today will be the decision makers of tomorrow. For the longevity of any organization, key critical thinking, strategic planning and efficient goal setting are of paramount importance. These leaders must be able to guide their departments and business units with confidence. Training leaders to think for themselves and use the proper set of tools will spell success for any organization with the forethought to invest in the next generation of leadership. 

Individual and team performance improvement

A leader knows and values his or her team. This is evident in the physical presence a leader projects, the words used and how they are delivered. An unapproachable leader is not a leader at all. Intelligence quotient (IQ) is the ability to think and reason and is usually used to give evidence to one's effectiveness at any given task. Our emotional quotient (EQ), however is the determining factor in one's success in life. IQ is set in our teenage years, while EQ remains influenceable throughout our lifetime. Through skill development in the areas of communication, management, coaching, presence, and conflict resolution, leaders will be able to increase their emotional intelligence.

Accountability matters

Inspect what you expect. Goals without accountability are only words. Actively and consistently improving your leaders’ levels of accountability improves financial, personal and interpersonal outcomes. Learning how to set and inspect expectations effectively will garner gains in all sectors of your business and organization. 

Leadership development and strategic consulting

Matt is available to consult with large and small organizations to help guide existing leaders to develop comprehensive skills gap analyses, the creation of corporate goal setting, improving of individual and team performance and assessing measurable outcomes. For a consultation, connect with Matt here.